The Garden Maker
 Howard Folkman
          Pearblossom. California
Bachelor of Science, Landscape Architecture.
Associate of Science, Ornamental Horticulture.
   My lifelong dedication to nature and the environment has left me with a clear understanding that the human species cannot continue to deplete and alter the natural resources of the plant and assume that life will continue to exist as we know it today. 
    In the dawn of my awareness at the early age of ten, my environment changed from that of residing in the inner city ghetto of New Jersey to its rural countryside. The contrast between the two existences manifested itself into love and hate -- love of the natural environment and hate for the disrespectful destruction occurring to it. 
    My entire life has been dedicated to understanding nature with the eyes of a Horticulturist and to correcting the damages and scars left by people with the skill of landscape contractor/designer. This interaction has given me the realization that if human life on this planet is to be perpetuated, people must become sustainable in their use and understanding of natural resources. 
    The concept of sustainability is using resources that can be replaced by natural systems, thereby eliminating depletion. The concept of regeneration is the creation of more resources that can then be used. For every alteration in a natural and normal ecosystem, there is a reaction that can also be described as cause and effect. The cause is people assuming that everything on the planet earth is here to be consumed and altered for their needs only. The effect is that such alteration to a closed system has ramifications globally. These alterations may seem insignificant and irrelevant to some people. However, the fact remains that alteration on the plant earth, no mater how small or large, will cause environmental changes. 

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